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"Jonathan’s Spanakopita is pure deliciousness!! Upon ordering, I immediately received a personal confirmation and a review of how I wanted my order. We organized the delivery date and time, which Jonathan confirmed on the date of delivery.  Despite already just eating lunch, I had to immediately try these freshly-baked spinach pies. They were amazing! Super light, delicious, and healthy! I immediately recommended and shared Get Your Greek Food with all my friends and neighbors. Order and you will be just as eager to tell everyone about it!"   


-Lisa Mac

---Sentiments from the family upon biting into the spanakopita: 

"HOLY S***!!! These are really good!!!"



I’ve never had spanakopita before but I highly doubt any one else will come close to this.”If you’re looking for the real deal, authentic Greek food experience

look no further.


You’ll be surprised and

delighted, and you’ll wish you
upped your order!


Our pies didn’t last long once we all knew how great they are. Ten out of Ten and will be ordering again VERY SOON!  "  


- Anna Chase


"The best spanakopita

I've ever had!"  

-Will Chase

331544630_2468173180001504_8033858847561372118_n (1).jpg

"Delivered to my door, warm and toasty. The phyllo wrapping is perfect. Crunchy but yay not greasy! The spinach is fresh and just the perfect amount of feta. The flavors blend for a taste that is amazing.  They are oh my gosh this is 😊 good. Thank you Jonathan your passion is mighty delicious 😋" 

-Lisa Esclangon

"We love Jonathan’s Spanakopita! As a Lebanese family, we’re pretty critical of Mediterranean food, & these were delicious! The phyllo dough was light and crispy, not overly greasy, and he puts plenty of the yummy filling in them. AND he delivers them to you. We will definitely be ordering more!"

-Cintia Manasseh-Caputo


"Ordered 25 of these tasty thangs. My expectations were pretty high and they delivered (pun intended) amazing, crisp and flaky, great flavor, and easy to reheat. 😗👌" 

-Josh HIll

Beef and avacado mix.jpeg

"I was really impressed with how stuffed these pies were! Delivered hot straight to me, and only took 2 days! The ingredients literally melted in my mouth, and are honestly addicting!

5 stars!"

-Nicole L


" My Greek momma would definitely approve. I am going to have a standing order every week! And the size was plenty more than you'd get in a restaurant. Thank you!"

-Laurie H

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