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Our Story

Get comfortable, its story time.... just kidding, but seriously- this is a long story,

so grab some coffee ( preferably some Greek coffee) and take a seat. 

I was born in America, however for my family on my fathers side- it all began in a small greek village called Isthmia. This is an ancient village located less than 6 miles from the biblical city of Corinth (Κόρινθος)  in the southern peninsula. There is much history in this region, as the region dates back to ancient times with the Isthmian games.

My father Sotirios grew up here as a child with the entire family being spread out throughout small houses on the mountainside. Generation after generation lived here, surviving off the land as farmers and fisherman.

Even to this day, we have family on that mountainside with chickens, and goats that live off the land and make their own saganaki, homemade wine and olive oil!

Growing up, I would always look forward to visiting Greece over an occasional summer, not only to see family, and spend time under the Mediterranean sun but also for the food! 

The food was unforgettable, from the greek salads with fresh pieces of feta, local tomatoes and green peppers, olive drizzled all over it, served with homemade bread! The local wine sold in the marketplace in plastic water bottles, and...the souvlaki and spanakopita I will never forget! 

The Spanakopita was pure flaky deliciousness, heaven in a savory pastry! It was savory, yet not overpowering.

My family would routinely make spanakopita. It was a very involved task that involved cooking the onion and spinach together before sprinkling in the herbs and spices while you continue to slowly cook this mix. Then layer by layer, you would wrap this majestic mix with thin and delicate phyllo dough.. a very time-consuming preparation.  

We took this family recipe and dug deeper into the records, searching for any modifications to try or additions to refine this recipe even more.

We traveled the countryside, all the way down rural roads, oftentimes we even had to wait for goat-herders to get their goats across thin dirt roads. All the way to Sparta and back, trying spanakopita throughout Greece at various restaurants and with locals!

After experiencing a range of spinach pies throughout Greece, we couldn't find any better recipes, though did learn of some modifications. 

We took this perfect recipe and it remained a family recipe that we would make on special occasions.


Over time we realized that it was impossible to find any comparable versions in the United States. 

In addition to this, we realized how amazing this spanakopita mix was when combined with creative variations, such as chicken, beef or other creative variations. 

This led to the creation of Greek Triangles! We took our classic base, made it healthier by replacing the butter with olive oil, made our signature triangular shape a little larger while creating innovative variations to enjoy in any setting!

Enjoy our Greek Triangles through catering your next event, while on the go, or simply in bulk to them to enjoy on a weekly basis!

Try them out today and let us know what you think!

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