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Greek Triangles

What People Say


"Got To Try These on my visit to Sarasota and it was Delicious! Should 've bought more for the ride home."

-Jasmine R.

"Just to let you know that we bought 2 spanakopita from you today at the farmers market at Waterside. They were absolutely delicious.  Will definitely be back again in the future. They were the best we have ever had and I've been to Greece but also many Greek restaurants in the Philidelphia area where we lived for 30+ yrs."

"Made to perfection . Had it catered at my holiday party get together. Everyone loved it. You can taste the fresh ingredients. Real Greek owner and his family recipe is the real deal!"

-Jay Y.

"Today I purchased your delicious spinach pie for the first time. The salesgirl that took care of me was very kind and helpful. She explained  the spanakopita was made with olive oil instead off butter which I really liked to hear. I appreciated the fact that it was clean tasting and NOT greasy at all. It was nicely stuffed and delicious! She was very sweet to cut in in half for me cause I told her my hubby was waiting in the car for me and I would share it. Well, we never got out off the parking lot before THE WHOLE TRIANGLE was enthusiastically devoured!!! We were going to only eat half but soon we were fighting over what was left! Not a crumb to take home! Ha! NEXT TIME WE WILL DEFINITELY BUY MORE! SO DELICIOUS AND SUCH A TREAT!  "



Ham / Cheese

2. vegan 3 layers JPG.jpg
1. classic 3 layers JPG.jpg
5. hamcheese 3 layers JPG.jpg

Our vegan or Classic Triangles are a great way to get  a good serving of vegetables! They make a good lunch as the Nutritional facts are comparable to a sandwich.


We provide catering services with 3 different size options:


The Regular size which is the largest, being a triangle of about 6.5 inches x 5.5.


A Half sized option which is exactly 1/2 the original size.


Lastly,  a bite sized Spanakopita! This one is 1/3 the size of the large and makes a great appetizer at parties or special events!

Simply email us and we can discuss your order details to provide any amount for your next event!

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